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A Post-mortem Review

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Many IT projects fail. Most of the failures are due to human error, misunderstanding, process problems and from time to time, technical gaffs. Root causes - systemic internalised practices that lead regularly to broken solutions - are analysed to find why what went wrong went wrong. A Post-Mortem Review presents a in-depth root-cause analysis study of a failed IT project that resulted in some customers arrested and others fired from jobs. The outcome had significant business and technical ramifications as a consequence. The case study presents a detailed and annotated interview with an executive who was involved in the project as well as a detailed analysis of it. Proposed solution opportunities are presented to address the root cause failures. There are so few documented post-mortem reviews that this will be a book to benefit any student studying project management at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It is astonishing how seemingly small things in an IT project that go unchecked can escalate into huge project failures before anyone notices. In this particular case, by the time they did notice, the damage had been done. The case study also makes use of goal and context modelling techniques in order to show how the opportunities for improvements could be represented to provide greater understanding in moving forwards from the project failure, and most importantly, learning from the mistakes made. Learn about the root cause analysis process, how to identify and classify impacts, symptoms, root causes and opportunities and how to structure a report to a client for this kind of investigative IT project.

Red Ocean Traps (harvard Business Review Classics)

RRP $16.99

As established markets become less profitable, companies increasingly need to find ways to create and capture new markets. Despite much investment and commitment, most firms struggle to do this. What, exactly, is getting in their way? The authors of the best-selling book Blue Ocean Strategy have spent over a decade exploring that question. They have seen that the trouble lies in managers' mental models—ingrained assumptions and theories about the way the world works. Though these models may work perfectly well in mature markets, they undermine executives' attempts to discover uncontested new spaces with ample potential (blue oceans) and keep companies firmly anchored in existing spaces where competition is bloody (red oceans). This article describes how to break free of these red ocean traps. To do that, managers need to: (1) Focus on attracting new customers, not pleasing current customers; (2) Worry less about segmentation and more about what different segments have in common; (3) Understand that market creation is not synonymous with either technological innovation or creative destruction; and (4) Stop focusing on premium versus low-cost strategies.

The Harvard Business Review Classics series offers you the opportunity to make seminal Harvard Business Review articles a part of your permanent management library. Each highly readable volume contains a groundbreaking idea that continues to shape best practices and inspire countless managers around the world—and will have a direct impact on you today and for years to come.

International Review Of National Competitiveness

RRP $326.99

This book provides rankings of national competitiveness alongside a series of sophisticated and specific guidelines for enhancing national competitiveness. Existing national competitiveness studies are often flawed since they are not based on rigorous models and appropriate methodologies. In this study, theoretical and methodological problems in existing studies are tackled, and a series of tools for assessing national competitiveness are presented. The foundation underpinning the analysis is the MASI (Measure-Analyze-Simulate-Implement) approach, which is used to systematically address policy implications for enhancing national competitiveness. The data and analytical tools can also be utilized for other areas of study, including industry and firms, and intra-group rankings allow cross-country comparison among countries with similar characteristics. Specific guidelines for enhancing national competitiveness are also prescribed. This wide-ranging, comprehensive book will prove an essential reference tool for academics and researchers in the fields of international business and international economics, Both business and public sector practitioners will also find this book to be a source of invaluable information on competition in investment locations and for setting benchmarks against leading country competitors.

Business Ethics In A New Europe

RRP $574.99

ETHICS IN THE MELTING-POT Jack Mahoney & Elizabeth Vallance Professor Jack Mahoney is Director of the King's College Business Ethics Research Centre, University of London, and Elizabeth Vallance is Visiting Professor in Politics at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. AT lHE START of this century Israel Zangwill wrote of 'the great Melting­ Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and reforming'. He was, of course, writing about the USA and had the American immigration experience in mind; but today one need not cross the Atlantic to see Europe as a melting-pot and its members in a state of profound flux and mutation. In Western Europe, what began in mid-century as a largely Franco­ German attempt to prevent a recurrence of European war, by identifying and creating a common industrial policy in coal and steel, evolved by degrees into an industrial alliance of western European nations and the creation of a Single European Market. Originally six, then ten, and currently twelve, the number of member states of the European Economic Community, more recently the European Community, is still on the increase, as new countries apply to join and others consider a future approach.

Ultra P.a.s.s. Cd Exam Review

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