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The Idiot Government Reviews (a Laugh Out Loud Comedy Book)

RRP $16.99

We've all seen the news over the last few years, watching in wonder and disbelief at the situations the people entrusted to run the country get themselves into and then proceed to lie their way out of. Just imagine, and this won't be hard, that they were so stupid that they wrote reviews of the items that got them into or out of their latest bit of trouble and posted them online. Ted Williebond is angry, not only at having to settle for running the opposition, but also for the bullying he had to endure at school by Cameron Davies and Gary Osburn, who now run the Government and don't mind pointing that out to Ted every time they see him. Join Ted as he foolishly leaves reviews of such items as Silly String, vodka and thick curtains as he tries his hardest to bring down the coalition. On the other side of the fence we've got Daniel Dangly, a foolhardy old school politician from Southamptonshire who, try as he might, cannot outrun the press, who seem to stalk him for easy stories; and Elouise Munch, a career girl more concerned about who's defaced her designer handbag than the people in her constituency. Running the show though isn't Cameron Davies or Ted Williebond; in fact it is Betty Rivers, the CEO of Information Inc. It can't work out well, can it? Welcome to The Idiot Government Reviews

Writing Literature Reviews

RRP $610.99

This useful guide educates students in the preparation of literature reviews for term projects, theses, and dissertations. The authors provide numerous examples from published reviews that illustrate the guidelines discussed throughout the book.

New to the seventh edition:

  • Each chapter breaks down the larger holistic review of literature exercise into a series of smaller, manageable steps
  • Practical instructions for navigating today's digital libraries
  • Comprehensive discussions about digital tools, including bibliographic and plagiarism detection software
  • Chapter activities that reflect the book's updated content
  • New model literature reviews
  • Online resources designed to help instructors plan and teach their courses [URL TBC]

Nonlinear Coherent Structures In Physics And Biology

RRP $821.99

This volume contains the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) and Emil-Warburg-Symposium (EWS) "Nonlinear Coherent Structures in Phy- sics and Biology" held at the University of Bayreuth from June 1 -4, 1993. Director of the ARW was K. H. Spatschek, while F.G. Mertens acted as the co-director, host, and organizer of the EWS. The other members of the scientific organizing committee were A.R. Bishop (Los Alamos), J.C. Eilbeck (Edinburgh), and M. Remoissenet (Dijon). This was the eighth meeting in a series of interdisciplinary workshops founded by our French colleagues who had organized all the previous workshops, e.g. 1989 in Montpel- lier and 1991 in Dijon. We were asked to organize the meeting this time in Germany. Of course, we wanted to keep the character defined by the previous meetings, which were always characterized by an open and friendly atmosphere, being not too large in quantity, but high in quality. This time altogether 103 participants attended the workshop. During the past years most of the participants met several times and discussed problems connected with the generation of nonlinear coherent structures in physics and biology.

Winning Reviews

RRP $209.95

One of the major activities of academics is reviewing colleagues' manuscripts, yet no formal training on how to put together a meaningful review is usually provided by Ph.D. programs or professional associations. Winning Reviews brings together highly-respected scholars to discuss the fundamental nuts and bolts of writing a review. Insights are offered by leading journal editors and the vital role that reviews play in the knowledge creation process is examined. The book provides a comprehensive and much-needed guide to evaluating and reviewing scholarly writing.


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Reputation Digital Reputation Website Review Credit Repair
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